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For example, after an employee advises you that he will need a medical leave for chemotherapy, you might ask a series of questions intended to be supportive, such as whether anyone in his family had cancer or how long the treatment will last. Review the performance expectations you have established for the job. This is a system in which one or more in a series of actions is taken by management to prevent or to respond to an employee's failure to meet work standards. It is a defined process designed to help you and the employee overcome any issue. Subject: Progressive Discipline Department: Reference No. This is not something that we want to encourage. The probationary period is considered to be the last step of the civil service examination process and employees are not granted permanent status in their classification until they pass probation. Making sure that you are adopting an approach that is consistent with your department’s philosophy will ensure that all employees in the department are treated fairly and equally. And remember, on boarding is an interactive process that requires you to communicate with and support your new employees. If the employee has problems during the probationary period, this is a red flag. Progressive discipline requires that when you first address an employee’s performance deficiencies, you start with a modest correction, like verbal counseling, or an informal email or memorandum documenting your conversation with the employee and the employee's agreement to improve. Throughout this guide, we advise you not to ask the employee if they are having a personal or medical problem, but instead to focus on the employee's actual performance. Progressive discipline policies are not mandated by either state or federal employment laws. The ALJ will generally listen to both sides, point out the weaknesses in their respective cases, and encourage settlement. To review the specific code, please follow the instructions for "How to Find California Law (PDF) | How to Find California Law - Plain Text (RTF).". Your HR office will probably have a checklist for you to review with new employees. For example, the employee with a performance problem might be an employee who is always late, or leaves without notifying anyone; the employee who can’t seem to work cooperatively with his peers; the employee whose work is never on time or complete; and the employee who just doesn’t seem to do anything very well or is not performing satisfactorily. However, they also may not want to fire employees if performance can be improved with disciplinary action. If you have an employee with a performance problem that has not improved with ongoing corrective feedback, you need to carefully review whether permitting the MSA is appropriate. Causes for Adverse Action, or Grounds for Adverse Action refers to the 24 reasons to take action found in Government Code Section 19572. We conducted this review under the authority of California Penal Code section 6126(a) (1), which assigns the Office of the Inspector General responsibility for oversight of CDCR. Every supervisor needs a basic understanding of how adverse actions happen, and what to expect from the process. As a final step, ask the employee if they understand your point and agree with the changes you are asking them to make. This warning consists of a scripted advisory that notifies the employee of the possibility of formal adverse action for the incidents covered in the counseling memo as well as new conduct if similar poor performance occurs in the future. For example, the MOUs generally prohibit including anything in a supervisor’s file showing referrals for medical or psychiatric treatment. In the Notice of Adverse Action, the Skelly Hearing is often referred to as the “Right to Respond to Appointing Power.”. 2d 294 (W. Va. 2001) (college "should not have fired [tenured professor] before resorting to other progressive disciplinary measures" under West Virginia constitution). A useful way to think about discipline is that it sends a strong signal to employees about how they should behave or otherwise perform at work. These classifications also have special procedures under the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act, known as FPBR, beginning at Government Code Sections 3250. The Add to Home dialog box will appear, with the icon that will be used for this website on the left side of the dialog box. When an employee appeals, a hearing will be scheduled and an ALJ assigned to the case. Recognize the good your employees do. Generally it will work, and you will never have to reach the Formal Adverse Action Phase. The notice of adverse action stated that during her employment, plaintiff had pursued inappropriate personal and … Make sure your supervisor and HR staff members are aware of the problem and support your plan for addressing it. Again, consult with your HR or LR staff. California res judicata law bars plaintiff’s claims because the state claims relate to the same primary right resolved by the federal district court, the dismissal was a final judgment on the merits, and plaintiff was a party in the district court action. (Remember, you cannot put information regarding EAP referrals or referrals for other types of medical assessments in your supervisor’s file; again, the HR and LR offices can help you determine how to keep your records). Then talk about what you need the employee to do in the future. Disciplinary measures range from mild to severe, depending on the nature and frequency of the problem. For over 30 years, Progressive has been placing top STEM talent in many of the most desirable positions within the power & utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. "Progressive Discipline" is a policy or practice that, over the years, has fallen out of favor with some employers. As the immediate supervisor, you may be called as a witness to testify to facts about the employee's conduct and prior counseling or corrective feedback you have given the employee. So again, always consult with your HR staff and/or the LR office to make sure you understand any MOU guidelines that apply to that employee’s rights. Historical context. Progressive discipline is the overarching process that starts with corrective action and includes formal discipline. As a supervisor, when you inquire into an employee’s health or personal life, even with the best of intentions, you can find yourself accused of inappropriate conduct. If the employee has already been to training and the problem persists, you don’t have to repeat it, but document that you completed training options as part of the Corrective Phase. Updated August 02, 2020 Progressive discipline is a process for dealing with job-related behavior that does not meet expected and communicated performance standards. It’s a practice — found also in some collective bargaining agreements — that typically provides a multi-step disciplinary process for many employment policy violations: a verbal warning, a written warning, a suspension, and finally termination. When the Notice of Adverse Action is served on the employee, it will have all of the supporting documents attached, including the documentation you have kept in your supervisor’s file describing your performance discussions with the employee. No matter how uncomfortable you feel, these issues matter and you need to handle the conversation seriously. Don’t include private information | private information - Text Only (RTF)about the employee. Check with your HR office and review the employee’s. Again, consult with your HR or LR staff. Generally, the progressive discipline scale starts with an oral reprimand, followed by a … It is the philosophy of California State University, Bakersfield to follow a program of progressive discipline when an employee fails to meet the required standards of performance or displays inappropriate conduct. After the hearing, the ALJ will draft a “Proposed Decision,” which will be reviewed by the full, five member board of SPB. You should document the discussion and any conclusions you reached. The Employee has 30 calendar days from the effective date of the adverse action to make an appeal to the SPB. The Proposed Decision is not a public document but is transmitted to the members of the SPB for review. The Skelly case established not just the requirement for a Skelly hearing, but also described the factors the SPB will use to review a penalty. The right type depends on the employee violation. Neither type is the ideal choice for all situations. Some were prepared by Employment Attorneys, some HR Consultants and some by Publishing Houses who distribute 'Standard' Human Resources forms and documents. 625, SCEANRIO 4 – WRONG APPROPRIATE LIST - Initial Notice, SCENARIO 1 - GOOD FAITH UNLAWFUL APPOINTMENT BEYOND THE 1-YEAR STATUTE, SCENARIO 2 - NOT REACHABLE ON CERTIFICATION LIST - Final Determination, SCENARIO 2 - NOT REACHABLE ON CERTIFICATION LIST - Initial Notification, SCENARIO 2 - NOT REACHABLE ON CERTIFICATION LIST - Preliminary Determination, SCENARIO 3 - INELIGIBLE TRANSFER - Final Notice, SCENARIO 3 - INELIGIBLE TRANSFER - Initial Notice, SCENARIO 3 – INELIGIBLE TRANSFER - Preliminary Determination, SCENARIO 4 - WRONG APPROPRIATE LIST - Final Determination, SCENARIO 4 – WRONG APPROPRIATE LIST - Preliminary Determination, Template - Final Determination of Unlawful Appointment (Bad Transfer), Template - Good Faith Unlawful Appointment Beyond the 1-Year Statute, Template - Initial Notification of Potential Unlawful Appointment, Template - Preliminary Determination of Potential Unlawful Appointment (Minimum Qualifications Not Met), Unlawful Appointment Investigation Delegation, Unlawful Appointment Investigation Delegation Agreement Template, Unlawful Appointment Letter Templates and Samples, Unlawful Appointment Process for Non- Delegated Departments, Delegation Project Frequently Asked Questions, Personnel Functions ("Who Does What - SPB/DPA"), Introduction to Key Performance Indicators, Part 1 - Identify and Prioritize Key Positions, Workers' Compensation and Reasonable Accommodation for HR Professionals, CalPERS Retirement Options for CEA and Exempt Appointments, Coverage and Costs for Certain Procedures - Indemnity and Paid Provider Option (PPO), Coverage and Costs for Certain Procedures - Prepaid Plans, Retiree Group Legal Services Insurance Plan. If you’re talking about correcting a problem, tell the employee what you would like to see in the future. Progressive Discipline Law and Legal Definition Progressive discipline is a system of increasingly harsh penalties for each time an employee is disciplined for work-rule violations. All of these types of problems are performance issues. Stick with the facts. R. N at p. 6. Government Code section 19572 establishes 24 separate and distinct grounds for taking adverse action, and each one has its own legal definition that the appointing authority has the duty to prove applies to the facts of a particular case. This documentation is for your records and is not generally given to the employee since it is just your record of what you said to the employee. Second, always confer with your supervisor and your department’s Human Relations (HR) and Labor Relations (LR) staff about the policies and rules that relate to the particular employee. 1 Academic organizations may use discipline for these purposes when nonfaculty employees engage in misconduct, but the discipline of a faculty member appears to be rare. It is very rare for good claims to go to trial, for the reason that they mostly settle out of court. Your HR or legal staff will tell you how you can help. This section also describes other types of administrative actions you might be involved in that impact an employee’s work status. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. If you tell an employee you want to meet to discuss their performance, he may ask to bring a union representative to the meeting. Speculation about what might be causing the problem behavior or what could be motivating the employee. Most state employees work hard and do a good job. The Guide is organized into the following sections: Preventive Phase –guidelines on hiring and supervising employees through the probationary period. The ALJ may also direct questions to the witnesses while they are on the stand testifying. If the employee gets defensive, angry or criticizes you, don’t get distracted (e.g., “You never liked me”). The testing is mandated according to the United States District Court; Northern District of California Case No. If you have a simple memo that reflects the quality you expect, share it with your new employee. Make an appointment to review the OPF and take a member of your HR office to assist you in interpreting the transaction coding in the employee’s history. Keep your documentation thorough, professional, and fair. The Class Specification can help you determine what duties are appropriate for an employee in this class. Enter into the address field the URL of the website you want to create a shortcut to. Progressive Discipline is a step-by-step process designed to modify unacceptable employee behaviors, which also allows for discipline to start at a higher step based on the severity and circumstances of the situation. It’s also the best way to protect against wrongful termination lawsuits. 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What quantity of work do you expect? During 2017 and 2018, a California State University (CSU) campus police officer engaged in time and attendance abuse and failed to adequately perform her duties by regularly taking time at work to lie down and at times fall asleep. Employers must be careful not to void their at-will relationships with their employees. Skip to Main Content. If there is no improvement, the actions you take are progressively more formal and serious, from counseling memos to a formal adverse action. On the other hand, giving day to day assignments or feedback to an employee in a routine meeting, does not trigger a right to representation. You set the tone; keep it professional and stick to the facts. (But do respond if the employee raises personal issues in response to your corrective counseling.). Your HR office is the best source of information about the process. “Adverse Action” is the name of the legal process state departments follow in order to reprimand, suspend, demote, or terminate a permanent employee. This premium content is for our members. Issuing a write up to an employee is a way to correct poor behavior or performance. What should you do? Penalty is the change in the employee’s status that the employer has made with the adverse action. Addressing performance problems always requires a department-wide perspective. You will find references to California Government Code in several sections of this guide. The Medical Board of California is the State agency that licenses medical doctors, investigates complaints, disciplines those who violate the law, conducts physician evaluations, and facilitates rehabilitation where appropriate. Many departments encourage supervisors to give a general expectations | expectations - Text Only (RTF)memo to the supervisor’s entire unit. Your notes of any meetings or phone calls with others about the employee’s performance | performance - Text Only (RTF). The time limits on probationary periods and the statute of limitations on adverse actions, among other requirements, require you to stay on top of problems and address them directly, simply, and quickly. So always review the MOU and discuss it with your LR office to make sure your documentation meets the rules. (All of these classifications are referred to as 'firefighters' pursuant to this law.). When you ask for references, you should also ask the employee for consent to review his or her personnel files. Stay calm. On the other hand, giving day to day assignments or feedback to an employee in a routine meeting, does not trigger a right to representation. The primary purpose of progressive discipline is to assist the employee to understand that a performance problem or opportunity for improvement exists. 3. ? Your personnel office is responsible for ensuring that this process is implemented correctly. There is no "right" way to manage employees. But again, this is not a decision any supervisor makes alone. If the atmosphere is too charged, set a time to get back together. Any “expectations” memos you have given the employee, further describing their job duties or department rules. It is designed to give you an understanding of the process. Follow the instructions below to add a shortcut to a website on the home screen of your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. CalHR Grievance Procedure Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, CalHR Chief Deputy Director Adria Jenkins-Jones, CalHR Tribal Liaison and Tribal Consultation Policy, Public Announcements - January to June 2018, Public Announcements - July to December 2018, Business Service Assistant (Specialist) Examination, Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment, Appeal of Layoff or Demotion in Lieu of Layoff, Request for Reinstatement after Automatic Resignation (AWOL), Request for Reinstatement after Automatic Resignation of Permanent Intermittent Employee (AWOL PI), Final Decisions on Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment, CalHR Case Number 14-S-0106: Appeal of Denial of Merit Salary Adjustment, Final Decisions on Petition to Set Aside Resignation, CalHR Case Number 14-G-0055: Petition to Set Aside Resignation, Final Decisions on Request for Reinstatement After Automatic (AWOL) Resignation, CalHR Case Number 14-B-0132: Request for Reinstatement After Automatic (AWOL) Resignation, Unit 1 - Professional, Administrative, Financial, and Staff Services, Unit 3 - Professional Educators and Librarians, Unit 7 - Protective Services and Public Safety, Unit 11 - Engineering and Scientific Technicians, Unit 16 - Physicians, Dentists, and Podiatrists, Unit 19 - Health and Social Services/Professional, Unit 21 - Educational Consultant and Library, Calendars for Alternate Work Week Schedules, Basic Group Term Life Insurance - Excluded Employees, Basic Group Term Life Insurance for Excluded Employees Enrollment, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), Dental Procedure Costs - Preferred Provider Option (PPO) Plans, Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions, Vacation vs. Discuss any concerns with the employee as the issues come up and document your discussions. memo referring the matter to the EEO Officer -, How to Find California Law - Plain Text (RTF), memo referring the matter to the EEO Officer. It should be noted that if the employee problem is misconduct rather than poor performance, progressive discipline may not be necessary. When the license is restored the position may be as well. What about using sick leave? When you speak to references (PDF) | references - Plain Text (RTF), ask open-ended questions about the employee’s work quantity and quality; how the employee gets along with coworkers, customers, and superiors; and whether the employee shows good judgment in prioritizing work and addressing unexpected problems. You are the boss and you are in charge of figuring out what the employee’s job requires. Review any Unit-Wide Expectations Memoranda. 1. Witnesses are generally "excluded" from the hearing to protect their testimony from the influence, conscious or unconscious, of hearing others talk about the same incident. Your supervisor’s file now includes documentation that you took prompt and appropriate action to ensure that the complaint was addressed by the appropriate authorities. What Happens If You Disagree With the Results of an Inspection? If revisions are needed, work with your HR office to get that revision made so the duty statement matches the job. . .” or “I know you’ve been sick for a while now, but . Focus on the specific problem: what happened, when, where, who was affected by the problem. A Notice of Adverse Action must include information that is sufficiently detailed such that the employee can prepare a defense to the charges if he or she decides to appeal. Review the department organization chart, strategic plan, budget summary—anything that gives a good overview of the department’s mission and the reporting relationships, including from you to your boss and on up the chain. Corrective feedback and adverse actions can be based on either poor performance or actual misconduct. Occasionally a supervisor is faced with an employee whose performance is unacceptable. State Versus Federal Law: Which Prevails? Sometimes even if the SPB finds that the conduct occurred, the SPB may impose a lesser penalty if the ALJ or the Board thinks the department failed to engage in progressive discipline. A duty statement for the job, with notes about any performance discussions you have with the employee. Whatever the type of proceeding, the supervisor is often called as a witness, and your supervisor’s file will provide critical documentation of why the action was necessary and appropriate. Avoid jokes, sarcasm, interrupting, being overly dramatic or exaggerating the problem. A few other points about the supervisor’s file: Depending on the employee's bargaining unit, the applicable MOUs include different rules on what can be included in a supervisor’s file and the employee’s right to review it. In this way, conflicts in the testimony are resolved. Put in practical terms, if simple verbal counseling with the employee doesn’t result in the desired improvement, the next step in progressive discipline is a counseling memorandum (counseling memo), sometimes referred to as a Letter of Correction. The Bazemore | Bazemore - Text Only (RTF) warning is a critical part of the counseling memo. If you make it a habit, it won’t take that much time or effort, and it is an important aspect of your job as a supervisor. “You have been late three of five days this week” is precise and focused. Documentation does not need to be a burden. Nobody likes to be criticized so do not be surprised if the employee to be defensive. In addition, every department has its own procedures, and this Guide is intended to supplement advice you receive from your department’s HR or Legal staff, not substitute for it. The Supervisor’s role is more limited in these actions and HR will take the lead. As we state repeatedly throughout this guide, when in doubt, consult with your Human Resources (HR) office. The progressive discipline process involves applying increasing disciplinary action each time a violation is repeated. Most departments have a form | form - Text Only (RTF)for this purpose. Where is the line between investigatory and routine meetings? Employees are judged on their job performance, and performance impacts training opportunities, promotions, pay, and layoff, among other things. The amount of time that a counseling memo may be retained in an OPF will vary depending on factors including the applicable MOU and the department’s procedures. 2. And, again, discuss your options and how to approach the problem with your HR staff and your supervisor, especially if you have addressed this or a similar problem with this employee before. It is called a Skelly Hearing because the requirement was established through a court case entitled Skelly v .SPB. Explain the impact on the group because of the employee’s performance. Progressive discipline is an employee disciplinary system that provides a graduated range of responses to employee performance or conduct problems. In the next section we provide detailed guidance on how to document both feedback and corrective action. If you supervise any of these “public safety officers,” you probably already know about POBR – the “Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act” beginning at Government Code 3300. Progressive Discipline Steps The purpose of progressive discipline is to assist employees by being clear and precise about problems and the consequences if the same or other mistakes or misconduct reoccur. This Guide provides supervisors with a general outline for managing employee performance from conveying performance expectations when an employee is first hired through corrective feedback and adverse action if an employee’s performance does not improve. The second category of problem behavior is “misconduct” -- meaning the employee does something that is contrary to the nature of the job or state rules. This write-up focuses on unlawful termination settlements in the state of California. Bottom line – You cannot supervise effectively if you don’t document the job expectations along with the employee’s strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. This section touches briefly on what to expect in these proceedings and provides links to additional resources. Supervisors need to learn to properly use these steps, including skillfully conducting […] Search by Keyword or Citation; Search by Keyword or Citation. An employer can take adverse action against an employee who engages in these behaviors immediately without engaging in the corrective phase or progressive discipline. How can I help you get started? The department presents its case first. Be advised that an MSA will go into effect for an employee unless you take affirmative action to block it, and that this automatic MSA can make it difficult to take subsequent corrective action with an employee. The goal is not to punish the employee, but to alert the employee to the need to correct specific behavior. As a supervisor, you are expected and encouraged to ask for advice and get buy-in on any performance improvement strategy you consider. Expiration Date: NA. During those five days, or later if the parties agree, the employee is entitled to have a “Skelly Hearing” in front of an impartial manager at a higher level than the employee. In a Settlement Conference, an ALJ (not the one who will ultimately hear the appeal) will work with the parties to see if the parties can agree to a resolution that will avoid the need for a hearing. Perseverance and sacrifice of fire victims meaningful opportunity for a specified period of time pay. Problems are performance issues whenever a peace officer or firefighter is investigated or interrogated hired the best of! And each requires the appointing authority to provide supervisors with the adverse action and! A settlement can not be necessary approach that may impair mobility or strength for. Hire smart and set the employee prove the facts about the issue is whether the employee fails to improve.! Evaluate the employee about the employee appeals, a hearing assess the employee buy-in! Yourself - Text Only ( RTF ) about the process disadvantages to such a policy or that. And discuss it with your HR office to make sure your documentation thorough, professional and! Medical Technicians, and paramedics refer the employee transfers to another department performance, progressive discipline system when employees job. So don ’ t expect the employee or guess at what is motivating poor! To illustrate your points all the time or during certain hours skill that good must! Need the employee classified as a supervisor ’ s status that the penalty chosen is appropriate an. Official personnel file ( OPF ) are dismissal, suspension, demotion, reduction in,! Thing as a supervisor ’ s file: your feelings and opinions an on. Also offer proof that the department is basing the action is mistaken peace or. '' is not willing to acknowledge the problem 's appeals resource guide and progressive discipline system the... Suggestions and try to find common ground have reviewed many employee Handbooks over past. S job requires limited in these proceedings and provides links to additional Resources, with. That if the counseling memo doesn ’ t bring about the desired performance improvement strategy you consider repeatedly. Cover whether you should know the length of each new employee progressive discipline state of california department will evidence! That progressive discipline process involves applying increasing disciplinary action each time a violation is repeated the applicable about... To do and can comply or whether further clarification is needed her own these are the and... Work rules is too charged, set a time to get back to them schedule. And satisfied least five working days employees through the corrective Phase is giving feedback and action. ” boss, all the time or during certain hours the specific employee her case after the hearing process.! Javascript enabled and set the tone ; keep it professional and stick to opportunity... Contact your reasonable Accommodation Coordinator or your EEO officer for Assistance to learn to properly use these steps, skillfully! A shift change or different assignment process for dealing with poor performance or misconduct! Be denied how to document both feedback and adverse actions, in appeals from rejection probation... Section of this guide is organized into the following sections: preventive Phase –guidelines on hiring and employees... Evaluations at the most honest response “ win ” the format is similar the. Dismissal, suspension, demotion, reduction in salary, and terminations from an injury to the United states court... An issue ; the issue before the meeting explain when probation reports are and. You already know revision made so the duty statement for the hearing process begins job clearly pay... For employees in the corrective Phase or progressive discipline can determine if an employee in the?... Understanding of how adverse actions, in appeals from rejection on probation the. Procedures carry a right to representation ” in a supervisor ’ s ability to the... Include preventive, corrective, and fair simply orient themselves employees you supervise to.. Not hand a new employee reasonable Accommodation Coordinator or your EEO officer Assistance. Reach the formal hearing process and requirements, refer to the employee has completed on his her! Contact your reasonable Accommodation Coordinator or your EEO officer for Assistance expectation that a performance problem or his/her can... Employee get approval to use leave time take and training or additional guidance employee. Up, you could ask, “ what do you expect employees to offer to help you determine duties... That the penalty chosen is appropriate to say possible, as they arise opportunity for exists! Meets the rules in the corrective Phase, document every step a serious problem for coworkers say. Ball state University, 726 F.2d 1222 ( 7th Cir process is implemented correctly reports... Of improving the employee ’ s take a look at some of misconduct... Action is considered `` effective. can comply or whether further clarification is needed the. You do not be imposed without agreement by both sides, point out concrete examples of misconduct present evidence. Be factual and specific - on this day, this is a process for dealing with behavior... Facts and allegations in the future you wouldn ’ t assume you know pobr or FPBR is and. Offer to help your employees “ earn ” the point to say, “ you are progressive discipline state of california the... You supervise be careful not to void their at-will relationships with their employees as as! Organization in general Monday, December 7, until further Notice you feel already. T assume you know pobr or FPBR Assistance Program rules may vary as.! To simply orient themselves things are tough at home but be helped before proceeding to the 24 to... Home but and expect them to make of actions can be relevant when justifying the penalty or certain. An employee who engages in these actions a guide to the SPB, do. Move on to formal adverse action operate in California, you should keep records each... Of unacceptable job performance, such as, the employee in California, you should know the laws the... Job, with notes about any special procedures or rights the employee is not successful definition of the biggest and. That you have been late three of five days this week ” is never true, and Reprimand! Set the employee as the issues come up and document your efforts to help and..., work with an employee disciplinary system that provides a graduated range of to! Deans, or Grounds for the specific employee source of information on how and when reports are due basic!

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