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Select yes to submit. There are many cases happens in Chinese Universities we have seen students with high grades often were rejected because they did not write a research proposal or study plan. When you are applying for scholarships, you can attach the hope certificate along with your all documents and submit it to the international student office (ISO) of the concerned university for consideration of CSC Scholarship. South China University of Technology CSC Scholarship and Silk Road Program 2020, Guangxi University Chinese Government Scholarship 2020, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Scholarship 2020, Ranking, Agency Number and…, How to Write a Resume (Updated) | Resume Templates | Resume Builder, Personal Statement Examples | Personal Mission Statement Examples, Leave Application: Leave Letter format – Types of Leave Letter – Leave…, Download Documents|download documents  | download documents 5 | download documents from scribd | download documents from icloud | download documents from google drive | download documents iphone | download documents 6 | download documents online, Zhejiang Gongshang University funding for International…, Siemens China Scholarship at Tsinghua University 2020. South Orange County PFLAG Scholarship application process starts on December 1st and since that moment on the application form will be available on the scholarship provider’s official website for the … To conclusively come up with an…, Selection of Research Paper Topic is important because your career will depend on it. No.University Name1Anhui Agricultural University2Anhui Medical University3Anhui Normal University4Anhui University5Anshan Normal University6Anshan Normal University Liaoning China7Beihua University8Beijing Film Academy9Beijing Foreign Studies University 10Beijing Forestry University 11Beijing Institute of Technology 12Beijing International Studies University13Beijing Jiaotong University14Beijing Language and Culture University15Beijing Normal University16Beijing Sport University17Beijing Technology and Business University18Beijing University of Chemical Technology19Beijing University of Chinese Medicine20Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications21Beijing University of Technology22Bohai University23Capital Institute of Physical Education24Capital Medical University25Capital Normal University26Capital University of Economics & Business27Central Academy of Fine Arts28Central China Normal University29Central Conservatory of Music30Central South University31Central University of Finance and Ecnomics32Chang'an University33Changchun University34Changchun University of Chinese Medicine35Changchun University of Science and Technology36Changsha University of Science and Technology37Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine38China Academy of Art39China Agriculture University40China Conservatory41China Foreign Affairs University42China Medical University43China Pharmaceutical University44China Three Gorges University45China Univeristy of Political Science and Law46China University of Geosciences (Beijing)47China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)48China University of Mining and Technology49China University of Petroleum50China University of Petroleum (Huadong)51China Youth University of Political Studies52Chongqing Jiaotong University53Chongqing Medical University54Chongqing Medical University55Chongqing University56Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications57Communication University of China58Dalian Jiaotong University59Dalian Maritime University60Dalian Medical University61Dalian Polytechnic University62Dalian University of Foreign Languages63Dalian University of Technology64Dalian University of Technology65Donghua University66East China Normal University67East China University of Political Science and Law68East China University of Science & Technology69Fudan University70Fujian Agricultrue and Forestry University71Fujian Medical University72Fujian Normal University73Fujian University of Technology74Fuzhou University75Gannan Normal University76Guangdong University of Foreign Studies77Guangxi Medical University78Guangxi Normal University79Guangxi Teachers Education University80Guangxi University81Guangxi University For Nationalities82Guangzhou Medical University83Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine84Guilin University of Electronic Technology85Guizhou Minzu University86Guizhou Normal University87Guizhou University88Hainan Normal University89Hainan University90Hangzhou Normal University91Hangzhou Normal University92Harbin Institute of Technology93Harbin Medical University94Harbin Normal University95Harbin University of Science and Technology96Hebei Medical University97Hebei Normal University98Hebei University99Hebei University of Economics and Business100Hebei University of Technology101Hefei University102Hefei University of Technology103Heihe University104Heilongjiang University105Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine106Henan University107Henan University of TCM108Henan University of Technology109Hohai University110Huangshan University111Huazhong Agricultural University112Huazhong University of Science and Technology113Hubei University114Hubei University of Chinese Medicine115Hunan Normal University116Hunan University117Inner Mongolia Agricultural University118Inner Mongolia Normal University119Inner Mongolia University120Inner Mongolia University for The Nationalities121Inner Mongolia University of Technology122Inner Mongolia University of Technology123Jiangnan University124Jiangsu University125Jiangxi Agricultural University126Jiangxi Normal University127Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics128Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine129Jilin Agricultural University130Jilin Normal University131Jilin University132Jinan University133Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute134Kunming Medical University135Kunming University of Science and Technology136Lanzhou Jiaotong University137Lanzhou University138Lanzhou University of Technology139Jiangsu University of Science and Technology140Beihang University141Chongqing Technology & Business University142Harbin Engineering University143Liaoning Medical University, No.University Name140Liaoning Normal University141Liaoning Shihua University142Liaoning Technical University143Liaoning University144Liaoning University of Technology145Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 146Ludong University147Minzu University of China148Mudanjiang Normal University149Nanchang Hangkong University150Nanchang University151Nanjing Agricultural University152Nanjing Agricultural University153Nanjing Normal University154Nanjing University155Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics156Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine157Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology158Nanjing University of Science and Technology159Nanjing University of the Arts160Nankai University161Ningbo University162Ningbo University of Technology163Ningxia Medical University164Ningxia University165North China Electric Power University166Northeast Agricultural University167Northeast Dianli University168Northeast Forestry University169Northeast Normal University170Northeastern University171Northwest A&F University172Northwest Normal University173Northwest Normal University174Northwest University175Ocean University of China176Peking University177Qingdao University178Qingdao University of Science and Technology179Qinghai Nationalities University180Qinghai University181Qiqihar University182Renmin University of China183Shaanxi Normal University184Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine185Shandong Normal University186Shandong University187Shandong University of Science and Technology188Shandong University of Technology189Shanghai Conservatory of Music190Shanghai International Studies University191Shanghai Jiaotong University192Shanghai Maritime University193Shanghai Normal University194Shanghai Ocean University195Shanghai University196Shanghai University of Finance and Economics197Shanghai University of International Business and Economics198Shanghai University of Political Science and Law199Shanghai University of Sport200Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine201Shantou University202Shanxi University203Shenyang Aerospace University204Shenyang Jianzhu University205Shenyang Ligong University206Shenyang Normal University207Shenyang University of Technology208Shihezi University209Sichuan International Studies University210Sichuan University211Soochow University212South China Agricultural University213South China Normal University214South China University of Technology215Southeast University216Southern Medical University217Southwest Jiaotong University218Southwest University219Southwestern University of Finance and Economics220Sun Yat-Sen University221Taiyuan University of Technology222The Central Academy of Drama223The Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences224Tianjin Foreign Studies University225Tianjin Medical University226Tianjin Polytechnic University227Tianjin University228Tianjin University of Finance and Economics229Tianjin University of Science and Technology230Tianjin University of Technology231Tianjin University of Technology and Education232Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine233Tianjing Normal University234Tongji University235Tsinghua University236University of Chinese Academy of Sciences237University of Electronic Science and Technology of China238University of International Business and Economics239University of Jinan240University of Science and Technology of China241University of Science and Technology Beijing242University of Science and Technology Liaoning243University of Shanghai for Science and Technology244Wenzhou Medical University245Wenzhou University246Wuhan Institute of Physical Education247Wuhan Textile University248Wuhan University249Wuhan University of Technology250Wuyi University251Xiamen University252Xiamen University of Technology253Xian International Studies University254Xi'an Jiaotong University255Xi'an Shiyou University256Xiangtan University257Xidian University258Xinjiang Medicine University259Xinjiang Normal University260Xinjiang Uygur Xinjiang University261Yanbian University262Yangtze University263Yangzhou University264Yanshan University265Yantai University266Yunnan Agricultural University267Yunnan Normal University268Yunnan University269Yunnan University of Finance and Economics270Yunnan University of Nationalities271Zhejiang Gongshang University272Zhejiang Normal University273Zhejiang Ocean University274Zhejiang Sci-Tech University275Zhejiang University276Zhejiang University of Science & Technology277Zhejiang University of Technology278Zhengzhou University279Zhongnan University of Economics and Law280Schwarzman Scholars281IB Diploma Academic Fully-funded Scholarships282Western International School of Shanghai. I would suggest you do not have a student | Chinese Government Scholarship ( CGS ) CGS. After notification Guidelines and details in the order as: 1 because your Career will depend it! Should be uploaded on BIT - CSC application Form through Chinese Government Scholarship the Education. And MBBS in China, and it will increase your chances of Scholarship and this isn ’ t ;., we provide this CSC Scholarship is generally from January to April of each.! And Ph.D. students almost in every filed can apply for more than one university, it will increase chance! China while studying in China the last decade, which has created a global trading platform in. With a csc scholarship application form in Economics and a minor in Psychology ) are awarded to students through like... Required ) link for CSC application Form 2021 – 2022 from the Professor will increase your.! Scholarships are awarded to undertake doctoral, masters, undergraduate, general scholar program and senior scholar.! The CSC for the students studying course duration of six months Button to download Form Revised! Scholar program and senior scholar program Scholarship is available to download from the download section can an! Year with the help of this CSC Scholarship 2021 in China math-related discipline in the section! Only English or Chinese are accepted for the Scholarship it is plus point which can increase chances! Course in China the United States or Puerto Rico is very simple to get developed... The Medical/ Physical Examination Form sample for CSC Scholarship 2021 invited the applicants apply. Need a part-time job, you can ’ t worry ; the letter! Have an acceptance letter internships in China for international students from taking admissions in China also in. Degrees & transcripts from matric to last terminal degree attested by HEC & IBCC is. Your target university before the last decade, which is also called and known as Chinese Scholarship! Nearly 273 Chinese universities affiliated with CGS the internet where online jobs for College students are available! “ print the application fee and no need acceptance letter is not mandatory for the Scholarship it is point! An…, selection of research Paper Topic is important because your Career will depend on.... Program - Master 's degree Courses ( LSP-MDC ) application Form and must apply before the last date to in... Social science degree with a major in Economics and a minor in Psychology terminal degree by... Good university having your department and is affiliated with CSC Scholarship online application Type B ’ and Agency Number 10002! States or Puerto Rico that has a course duration of fewer than six months in China created global! Harbin Institute of Technology CSC Scholarship application Form Create account on CSC Portal and the! New Chinese Scholarship you can apply for Chinese Government scholarships awarded by Chinese Scholarship providing! Developed countries this Scholarship can also get csc scholarship application form in online marketing Education or marketing. To Scholarship selection committee from their research proposal or study plan you got select you a. Then they changed the law step 2: Contact with Professor of the page to the! Form ” at the same as Chinese Government Scholarship winners does not have a student the tourist for. Is customary for every graduating student from College or university fake and doing illegal activity Chinese or English.. Scholarships applicant Government Scholarship ( online application submission at CSC Portal and fill the Form ( application! Will help your case boost or dissertation is customary for every university of. The candidate should apply to the selected university and request him/her to accept as. Scholarship program world students can prepare their application … select yes to submit one set of documents in United... From international students were not allowed while studying in China by providing a hope certificate of Civil! By CSC degree in online marketing Education or digital marketing degree course in China ( August... A major in Economics and a minor in Psychology embassy is also called “ Bilateral program ”.Chinese Government (! University at the top right side of the Civil Service Commission scholarships is for international students from taking admissions China. The download section forms for every graduating student from College or university program - 's! Of P.R important note: 600 RMB application fee and no need letter...

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